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Posted 22 February 2001 - 22:55

I find the command line MSI builder very convenient as it removes the need to open ISWI once the *.ism file is the way I need it.

However, the product version number in the *.ism needs to change each time I compile a new build of our application. Because this can't be modified by iscmdbld.exe I am  force to open ISWI to change it eliminating the convenience of the command line tool completely. Is there a way around this? Even if there is a COM file I could plug into I believe I could get by.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 23 February 2001 - 07:17

Look up Automation Interface in IPWI Help. The ISWiProductConfig Object has a ProductVersion member.


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Posted 06 July 2001 - 09:55

But there is a simple problem with ISWi's Automation Interface. It doesn't work (like ISWi's IDE) if the *.ism file is read-only. When using something like Visual Source Safe, the project file will be read-only during a  build at night for example. And always CheckIn/CheckOut is not the best solution due to the binary format of *.ism files (your source safes database will grow very fast). I'm still using ISWi 1.52, so i can't tell you about the behaviour of 2.03.
For me the solution is to build the project as it is and then lateron change the ProductVersion with Windows Installers Automation interface using VBScript.
That way it's also possible to correct nearly all errors produced by ISWi - especially when using ISWi's ability to extract COM-Info at built time when building merge modules or to remove the 'Installshield' table and it's corresponding infos in the '_Validation' table.