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Posted 01 November 2001 - 19:34

Would any body who can help me to fix this error?  I used MSDE merge modules for my project, and the installation worked fine, but it didn't work on computer already installed MSDE or SQL 2000.  The error popup "The instance name specificed is invalid." - I don't know what cause this problem.  I thought in MSDE merge modules had all custom actions to support it any case when MSDE install.

Thank you very much.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 07 November 2001 - 16:08

Did you check MSDN knowledge base? I think I've read about a similar problem.


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Posted 12 November 2001 - 11:37

The problem is that as you included the mm for MSDE you took the ones for SP1, and it is trying to upgrade the existing installation. To be able to achieve this it needs to sets the properties that select the installed instance to upgrade (since you may have many more than just one different instance).
If what you would like to do is upgrade whenever you found MSDE already installed, you have to add a CA type 51, with the following: SOURCE: SqlUpgrade; TARGET:1.
This will upgrade the local instance to MSDE SP1 (I recomend it). When you add the CA into the execute sequence, remember to add a condition to set this property only when MSDE is already found in the system (use the AppSearch Table).
If you do not want to upgrade, add the MSDE to a specific feature, and using the condition mentioned before, install this feature only whenever MSDE is not in the system already.
Hope it helps.