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Standard proj vs Basic MSI

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Posted 04 September 2002 - 17:47

Hello, I am a professional 6 install creator, any my company is going to Developer.  Can anyone help describe which is better to use the standard vs basic MSI.  

In reading the help files Standard seems to give more options and control ie install script is there any downside?

Is anything missing from standard vs basic MSI?

Is either one easier or harder to create / maintain?

is either able to create patches and/or use admin studio with in the furture?

thanks for any input



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Posted 01 November 2002 - 20:08


Don't know if you had any replies yet.
I am not an expert at using InstallShield, but my company bought IS Dev 7.04

We started out making Basic MSI packages in no time soon after installing InstallShied 7.04.

Our installations required some logic to automatically branch out to different parts of the installation procedure. We tried doing this with Basic MSI projects using conditions on different features that we used, some of them would be mutually exclusive.

It turned out that it was a lot easier to do what we need with a standard project instead of a Basic MSI.
We found it a lot easier to understand as well since we are mostly developers and the scripts use a 'C' type of language.
The dialogs are controled by the script and you can easily use any value retrieved during that process.

I much prefer using scripts to the UI to control the packages, but this is my opinion. I understand that it is possible to do the same thing in both Standard and Basic MSI. it all depends on your own skills.
Patches and upgrade are an issue. Not very easily created even after following all guide lines found on the InstallShield site. That is why we are looking into IS Dev 8, for the improved patch utility.
I wasn't making installations before, I found that creating a package is a science of its own. I am now finding out that patching is to be treated like a totally different beast and also is a science of its own. If you look at InstallShield arguments for IS Dev 8, the first 3 are about patches. It has been haunting developers for a long time.

My 2 cents.