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Posted 11 March 2002 - 15:36

I'm confused about the difference between the target installation directory on the user's machine and the directory structure on the distribution media, eg CD.

I would like to copy certain files to the CD (basically DirectX 8.1) which I do not want installing on the user's machine.  I want to run the DirectX installer from the CD but not have the whole lot copied across.

Basically the question is how to achieve this.  At root my confusion is if there can be a difference between the eventual contents of INSTALLDIR and the CD.

Any ideas appreciated.


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 11 March 2002 - 16:58

Create a feature for direct X and set it as "Run from source"  Make the feature invisible so the user can not see and change it in the selection tree.   You can then run the DirectX installation from the CD with a custom action.  

Note you can not place DirectX in a compressed CAB.   This highlights a massive weakness in InstallShield ISWI.  It only allows all or nothing for compression which is not very good  This is clearly unstatisfactory. An install builder should build installation databases as the author intends.