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Folder Icons

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Posted 28 February 2002 - 17:34

I have created a short cut folder group under program files as follows:

Program Files\MyCompany\MyProduct - Myapplication
                                                         - MyHelp
                                                         - MyUninstall

I would like to replace the standard Window icons  for MyCompany and Myproduct. I have looked at using the AddFolderIcon function and the help file example but can't seam to get it right. Is this the correct function to use and can anybody show me an example script.

Thanks in advance.



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Posted 14 March 2002 - 17:35

I used AddFolderIcon in my ISWI5 install, and I am using it again in Developer, simply because is is so much easier for me than the GUI in the IDE.  Here is a sample script for creating a icon:

AddFolderIcon ( FOLDER_PROGRAMS, "My Application",
                 INSTALLDIR ^ "Myapp.EXE", INSTALLDIR,
                 INSTALLDIR ^ "Myapp.EXE" , 0
                 , "" , REPLACE );

It is interesting to note that if the folder does not exist, it will be created automatically, so don't worry about creating the folder, just the icons.  The line formatting is just for convenience so it is easier to see.  Line 2 contains the path followed by the working directory, and line 3 contains the path to the file containing the icon that should be used, and the number of that icon in the file.  In my case, I am using the first icon icluded in my executable, so the path is the same and the index is 0.  Finally, I am not using a shortcut key, thus the null string, and I want the icon to replace any other icon of the same name found in that folder, so that the icon will be updated with any subsequent installations.

Between this and the help files, you should have averything you need.  Good luck.