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DOS window stays on screen

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Posted 19 July 2002 - 20:57

During installtion the script creates a batch program on the fly to execute a second batch program.  It does this so the correct path can be called.
I do use the CALL command to return to the original batch program.  Also I am sure it comes to the end of that program.  However, on Win98 OS the DOS window sticks aroound.  Win 2k, WinNT, Win2kServer, WinXP the DOS window goes away.  I've tried adding END, QUIT, and EXIT commands and also making sure both batch programs end with an ECHO OFF command.
Anyone know how to dismiss this darn window?
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Posted 30 July 2002 - 13:45

hi there,

i believe this is an option in the DOS Command window settings.  as i recall it is set in the operating system and can be set for all DOS Command boxes created.  

to test, start a dos session ( with the Start--->Run clicks and type Command and press the <Enter> key ) .  click on the properties of the command window and set the option to 'Close on Exit' and you should be in business.