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Order of installscript code that is run

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Enoch Chum

Enoch Chum
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Posted 04 December 2001 - 21:29

Hi All,

All of following questions use ISD7 and standard project type.

1. What is the order the standard installscript functions(OnBegin(), OnEnd()...etc..) is executed if you have a standard project? Assume a first-time installation.

2. In the sequences/actions part of advanced views, where is Installscript code run(eg. for example the OnBegin() function) for standard projects? Is all the Installscript code run in one single action?


Enoch Chum


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Posted 05 December 2001 - 17:51

The answer to your first question can be found by searching the Dev7 help for the string 'Order of Event Handlers'.

As for your second question, I don't believe all IS code is executed from a single action, since many of the actions correspond to event handlers that can be placed in script.  However, I would like to know if the script stays resident once loaded, so that the values of any global variables are present regardless of which event handler function is executed.  I don't know yet, will probably do a test to see.

Hope this helps some.