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Register one file before another

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ryan h

ryan h
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Posted 05 June 2002 - 16:36

Is there a way in ISD7.03 to ensure that one file is installed and registered before on the target machine before another file is registered, and fails.  My problem is this:  We install a file (MPCASAdmin.ocx) in our setup, and on clean machines it fails.  I've determined that at least 1 file needs to be installed and registered before this file can be registered.  It appears that my setup is failing to register one file because the other file isn't registered first.  How can I ensure that one file is registered first.

Thanks for any help I get.

Ryan H.


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Posted 21 June 2002 - 15:03

Best practices state that you should not call self-registration to register files on the target system. If you add the files with the wizard, installshield will scan the type information and store it as registry information to be entered at install time.

The installer then just copies the dll over and inserts all the com information into the registry itself. In this case the install order is irrelevant.

This does obviously mean that anything extra you added to the selfreg function in your dll will not be executed. and the standard selfreg dependency checking is missed out. You just have to make sure that you install everything you need.

Dave W.