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Passing Parameters to a DLL in a CA

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Posted 27 June 2003 - 16:39

I have a DLL that I have set up in a CA using the InstallShield UI (Basic MSI). I've set up the DLL as a binary in the installer and I try to pass three parameters:

<snipit from CA UI>
DLL Filename: myDLL.dll
Function Name: myFunction ([INSTALLDIR]data.txt, [INSTALLDIR], [INSTALLDIR])

The function call takes three parameters. In these params I'm attempting to pass [INSTALLDIR] and it doesn't seem to be resolving the contents of the path variable. The error returned to me is "1723" in the installer log.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 30 June 2003 - 19:50

Looks like a depency is missing. Load the DLL in Dependency Walker to see if that gives any errors.