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MSI (2.0.260022) on ME, Not suppressing!

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chris tyghe

chris tyghe
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Posted 07 May 2003 - 20:49


It was suggested to me that I may get the answer in this forum...even though I am using IS6, so here goes

I have a 3rd party child install (which I have no control over). It installs instmsi.exe (2.0.260022). This causes an initial reboot to update the msi.dll on all OSs.

I want to supress this reboot. So I install these updates in my parent (quiet & no reboot):

LaunchAppAndWait ( SRCDIR ^ "Msi\instmsia.exe", "/Q:A /R:N" , WAIT );

This works fine for every OS but ME!
On every other OS (98/98SE, 2K SP1,SP2,SP3, XP). The child install will recognize the update has been run/suppressed and will therefore skip its own attempt at the MSI update - which is exactly what I want

But on ME the child still runs its MSI update and therefore its reboot request

Any ideas? This is holding up a release

Thank-you in advance

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 08 May 2003 - 09:07

Maybe this article can help: http://www.installsi...00110/index.htm in section "Installing the MSI 2.0 Runtimes" subsection "Other Tools". Note that this requires that you launch the child install using msiexec.exe, passing in the path to the .msi file, intsead of launching the setup.exe. This will fail if the child was created using the InstalLScript MSI project type (as opposed to Basic MSI). You can try this by double clicking the .msi file. If you get a message that you must run setup.exe, then you're stuck.