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Error 1321

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 10:27

During install i set the following pemissions to a file -
Administrators - full control
SYSTEM - Deny Write
Users - Deny All rights
Power Users - Deny all rights
Terminal Server user - Deny all rights

I set these permissions in a custom action using Windows API to set Access Control Lists (ACL). Install succeeds and the file permissions are set.

Uninstall gives an error 1321 - user does have sufficient privileges to modify file. The error has the name of the file whose permission was set during install. This error comes from InstallValidate action.

Why does this happen? Does 'msiexec' run as SYSTEM? As SYSTEM does not have write access, does installvalidate fail?

However, if i change the permissions for Users, ie. deny only write instead of all permissions and retain the SYSTEM permissions, uninstall succeeds.

Can someone help me understand this.


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Posted 24 August 2006 - 12:33

Double post, see here: http://forum.install...showtopic=15361

Please don't double post, it may scatter replies and just serve to disrupt the discussion.

-Stein Åsmul