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Complete vs Custom Setup

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Posted 15 August 2001 - 22:29


I have an issue with a SetupType dialog that has to do with the Typical vs
Complete install limitation of Windows Installer 2.1. I want to be able to
custom-install features independently and not choose between Typical or
Complete options.

Here is what I did:

1. I've created a SetupType3 dialog, that's almost like the standard SetupType only there are 3 options (radiobuttons):
  - A installation  (selects feature A)
  - B installation  (selects feature B)
  - C instalation  (selects feature C)

2. By default, each option selected will trigger the standard CustomSetup dialog which displays all features:  A, B & C


For example if I click on the A-installation(radiobutton) I'd like to trigger a CustomSetup dialog that has only A-feature enabled and B,C-features disabled. Then proceed to the Ready ToInstall dialog.
How do I accomplish that?


If I click on the A-installation(radiobutton) I'd like to trigger a CustomSetup dialog that has only A-feature visible(enabled) and B,C-features invisible(also disabled). Then proceed to the Ready ToInstall dialog. Any ideas ?


I am using InstallShield Professional - Windows Installer Edition 2.1. Is this version flexible enough for what I need(see the issues above)?

Thanks In Advance,

Kelly Russell

Kelly Russell
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Posted 15 August 2001 - 23:27

Question 1: if Feature A’s install level is set to 80, B to 90, and C to a 100 and the user selects radio button number 1 you can then set the install level to 80 and only Feature A with be selected in the custom setup dialog. Of course if A, B, and C are always installed separate from the others this approach won’t work because once radio button 2 is selected and you set the install level to 90 now both A and B features will be installed. But what you could do is set all features install level to 110 (100 is default) so that nothing gets installed by default and then based on what radio button the user chooses in the setup type dialog you can choose event AddLocal for that feature which overwrites the install levels. So if A installation is chosen, AddLocal Feature A will install feature A, but then you can’t use the CustomSetup dialog because it will show nothing being installed. (I think)

Question 2:  I don’t think you can do this at this after the setup type dialog. But setting the install level to 0 for any feature will make it invisible in the Custom Setup dialog. Problem is I only know how to do this in the Features area in the IDE. I did this based on a Windows9x condition. If you figure a way to set the feature install level between these dialogs then you are set.

Question3: It is very flexible...but there is a lot to learn. :)

Hope this helps.