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Is it better help than standard?

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Posted 17 January 2006 - 13:18


Is it available better help file than it is in Install Shield 6.3?

Sometimes I am wondering if should I after "if" write "than", or should I write "endif"...

Is it some help which describe syntax language?



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Posted 08 February 2006 - 11:21

Super help is on http://helpnet.installshield.com.
Unfortunately I don't know how can I us it offline sad.gif

It is a little strange to response myself, but I hope it could help other people who have the same problem.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 01:01

Sorry for not replying earlier, but I didn't know of a better help file which I'm sure is the case for others as well.

Also, thanks for that link, but I don't actually see IS6 being covered on there. Presumably due to its age.

As for offline browsing though, well IE has such an option and there are 3rd party programs to do it as well. Just Google "offline browsing" or "offline HTML".
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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 09 February 2006 - 09:03

The documentation for IS 11.5, including the InstalLScript language reference, is available as pdf download. Of course the language has evolved since version 6 and the names of some functions have changed. But I guess that also applies to HelpNet.