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Urgent!!!Problem with adding new component.

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Posted 03 November 2008 - 15:30


We are having one Installscript project and we are using IS 12. I have added one new component to the Installscript project and build the installation.

If i install the new setup on empty machine(which does not contain any prior version) the new comoponent is getting created.

But if i install the new setup on prior version(i.e the machine is having old version of setup), the new component is not getting installed.

For adding the component, i have followed the below steps.
1.Right click on the Component view and added the new component.
2.Added the new feature in the Features section.
3. Associated the component with feature in setup design view.

But i am facing the problem as explained above.

Does anyone have any suggestions.Your help is highly appreciated.


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Posted 04 November 2008 - 10:34

I think the problem is that the component belongs to a new feature unknown to the existing installation. You have to restart Setup after repairing/upgrading to modify the existing installation. Then you can add/remove features.
If you want to force installation of the component it has to be associated with an already existing feature or you must force installation of the new feature in OnMaintUIAfter manually.

Hope this helps


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Posted 04 November 2008 - 14:56


Thank you very much for the reply.If i associate the new component with existing feature it is working fine.

But if we want to associate the new component with new feature, you suggested me either to restart the setup or we need to make changes in the OnMaintUIafter manually.

Could you please give more information regarding restarting the setup and code changes in the Onmaintuiafter function.

Once again thanks for your reply.I struggled for one day to fix the issue. Really you helped me and i appreciate for that.