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Classic battle Ini v/s Registry

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Posted 25 April 2002 - 20:16

We can have endless debate about whether to use .ini file
or registry entries. But I feel it is best to use .ini
file for writing application specific settings.

Your customers won't hesitate to make changes to .ini file
but they will be very sensitive to touch registry.

So my question is, do installshield express, professional
and all versions of InstallShield support functionality of
modifying my application specific ini file during installation?

In simple words I want to write [INSTALLDIR] to my ini file.
Is it something that all InstallShield versions are capable of doing?

I am asking this question because I am building software using
express 3.53 maybe in future my company decides it to migrate
to professional version.


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Posted 07 June 2002 - 13:39

Yes, InstallShield is capable of doing this.  Just make your changes in the Configure Target System (Step 3) section when creating your setup.