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Packaging AutoCAD 2006

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Posted 24 May 2006 - 12:21

Hi Friends,

I am working on AutoCAD 2006 packaging. As it is a vendor MSI, I am trying to create a transform (MST) to make the required modifications/custamisations.

But when I create the transform and try to save it, it gives me the error "Creationg of transform Failed".

But note that we can create the transform using "Installtailer". But in this case i am facing an strange problem.
I was able to save the MST only once (First time). The next time if I try to save it, it gives the error saying "Saving an .MSI file requires an enabled release with a blank file name"

I am really not getting what is going wrong.

Please can any one give me some input.

Thanks in advance.

----- Vijay


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Posted 01 June 2006 - 21:08

Within Installation Expert, Try going to Release Definition and choosing Releases.
Double Click Default.
verify the following:
RElease Name: Default
.MSI File Name: make sure it is blank
Description: make sure its blank
Installation Theme: None
Compression Type: Normal(MSZIP)
Release Type: Default
Make sure the checkbox for "Build this release during compile" is checked.
Click OK
Then click the COMPILE button on the RIGHT SIDE Window, not the bottom toolbar.
When complete, you may get a different error message(more than likely).
That should be ok.
Then click the standard compile button on the bottom toolbar.

It should compile without errors.
You can also delete the .tmp file it creates at this time.


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Posted 12 June 2006 - 11:39


thanks for the reply. I will try that.

---- Vijay


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Posted 13 July 2006 - 16:20

I think you were just trying to overwrite the existing transform. Orca won't allow this. Not sure about Wise.