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Error 2717 and crash

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Posted 09 August 2002 - 01:34

MY standard 7.02 project works fine on all platforms except 95 (European Languages). It is working fine on US English.

The error messages that I got on Dutch 95 os are:
interne fout 2717. InstallFinalize

and then

fout -1603.

I logged the installation and this is the problem Area:

SelfRegModules: Bestand: msxml3.dll, map: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
Actie 12:49:50: ISSelfRegisterFiles.
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Function: 0x5f401004

EAX:023B8920  EBX:00000000  ECX:023B8920  EDX:81D39A70  ESI:02C3AF20  EDI:023B8920
CS:EIP:0137:5F401004 SS:ESP:013F:02FAF434  EBP:02FAF45C
DS:013F  ES:013F  FS:248F  GS:21C6

Call stack:
Address   Frame
5F401004  02FAF45C 0x5f401004
-- 0x00000000 0x02C3AF20 0x02C30000 0x02C3AF20

Actie be‰indigd 12:49:50: InstallFinalize. Retourwaarde 7.
Actie 12:49:50: Rollback. Terugdraai-actie:
Rollback: ISSelfRegisterFiles

Any Ideas?



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Posted 09 August 2002 - 13:13

this is a Microsoft Foundation Class DLL.  i have experienced problems with some of the versions provided by different applciations.  you might want to use the GetVers.EXE tool from MS and determine the version of the file on the Win95 and other platforms.  check to make sure they are the same.  if not maybe try and use the Win98 or a later version.  

i know all upgrades of a DLL are supposed to provide full backward compatibility but i have found this not to be the case.  i have seen however, that different versions of software ship with this ( and a couple of other common files ) of different versions.

so i am thinking that if you can check the versions and then match to a version that is working on a similiar platform ( 95/95/ME or NT/2K/XP ) you might have some luck.

this error is stated as being "Bad action condition or error calling custom action".  my thinking is that your custom action makes use of the MFC file but requires a different version.  maybe yes, maybe no ?

the 1603 error is a fatal install failure error code and sometimes indicates that the file is in use.  as i said this is a common file and might also be locked by another process...

good luck!


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Posted 27 August 2002 - 11:52

I had an error like that, too.
In my case the reason was a dependency on msvcrt.dll and/or msvcirt.dll. I had to change the existing versions (V6.0.8797.0 and V6.0.8168.0) against V6.1.8637.0 and everything worked fine.
These newer versions are included in hhupd.exe from MS for example.