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Does Dev7 work with major upgrade?

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Peter Bi

Peter Bi
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Posted 29 October 2001 - 22:48


I met some problem converting my project from IPWI2.03 to Dev7, recently I did a fresh install of w2k OS on the test machine, some of the problems have been gone, but I still have problem on major upgrade:
first time install always works, but when I install a new package (same Upgrade code) on top of it (do major upgrade), the install is stuck. The log file shows error 1618, which says there is another installation in progress... I do see a msiexe.exe process at taskmgr after first install (which I think is incorrect), but can't kill the msiexec.exe using 'End task' in taskmgr, and have to reboot machine. After reboot, the msiexec.exe is  gone, but install is still stuck.

I just read a post in installshield.developer7.general (post title "Re: 'Major upgrade' from ISPro 6.12 script"), it says that major upgrade doesn't work on Dev7, is that true? If it is, do you plan to fix it in the future?

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 30 October 2001 - 12:52

There are known problems with major upgrades in ISD7 - as documented in the Bugs Bulletin here on InstallSite. I assume they are going to fix them, although I don't know in which release.