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Merge Module OfficeSharedIntl10.msm

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Posted 03 January 2006 - 21:47

Hey All,

I'm trying to re-compile an existing package which contains this merge module.

Problem is, I don't have a copy of it.

I found through this site it was released in v6.3 of the VBA SDK...

Well, I tried to get v6.3 but was only able to get v6.4 of which it isn't shipped in.

How can I get a copy of this module!?!?!?

Anyone know what is actually contained within it?




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Posted 12 January 2006 - 22:17

I found it in an older MSDN library (Universal edition, but cheaper versions will have it as well), released in 2003 or so. Contact Microsoft.

VBA is Visual Basic for Applications, best known in Microsoft Office 97 and higher. It is the run-time+IDE+debugger for the VBA macro-language. The SDK allows you to include VBA in your software, although you must obtain end-user licenses for Microsoft.
Most developers use the (free) Active Scripting host to get a similar environment, called VB-Script.