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Display different bitmaps for different app. version

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Rastislav Zima

Rastislav Zima
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Posted 22 June 2001 - 09:59

I have to make install which displays 4 different bitmaps and 4 different scrolling texts (rtf files) for 4 different versions of the app. I have created 4 setup configs (step 6 in the ISWI) - one for each version.
The way how I've done this is that I've created 4 bitmap controls in one dialog each with different file source and all 4 with property Visible set to False and each with action Show (Conditions tab) based on some condition.
Is there some way how to create for example just one bitmap control (same applies for scrolling text control) and than to change the contents at build time or at the customer setup time - or to store these bitmaps (text files) into binary table?