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short cuts of previous version not deleted after UNINSTALL

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Posted 17 January 2002 - 01:16

We have to support multiple versions of our product
i.e. any new version that we ship shoud create its own directory ( with version number) and put the files there.

For now, i am using same set of files to test this. For every new release, in the ism project, i change:
# Product code
#Product version
#Upgrade code
#default directory
#Name of shortcuts (to reflect version number)

The problem occurs after the two versions are installed......
when i uninstall a version it removes the files from directories but LEAVES THE SHORTCUTS BEHIND.

Note: -
i.e, the directory structure will look like:
Company name

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 18 January 2002 - 22:53

I don't know how you construct the shortcut names (maybe with custom action), but make sure their name is available at uninstall.


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Posted 19 January 2002 - 01:24

thanks for the reply, Stephan,

this is what i did, finally and it seems to work:-
For every new version of our product, i change the Component code (GUIDs) besides the Product code, Product Version, Default Destination and  Project Code.
Now, the two instalations seem to be totally independent and uninstallation of one removes the required shortcuts too!!

Please confirm that what i am doing is correct way. It

** i had made teh shortcuts using Project Wizard.