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Conditional Registry settings

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Posted 09 September 2003 - 16:53

I have a RadioGroup containing 2 buttons LogonType = 1 and LogonType = 2

In my component table I have 2 components that just containg registry settings.

Based on what the user selected I want to install one of the components ( add the registry settings to the registry)

So I added a condition to each component based on the above LogonType

The only way I can get a result is if I pre-set (in the property table) the value of LogonType.

For some reason the Component is never being updated.

Any ideas ?


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 14:51

Do not conditions: they are evaluated during CostInitialize/CostFinalize, this is usually before your dialog shows up.

Instead, create new features for both components, add the components to the features. When pressing Next in your dialog, call ControlEvents ADDLOCAL and REMOVE, depending on the current state of the radiobuttons.

In case you wonder why conditions don't work:
Costing determines how much disk space each feature will cost. To do so, it has to determine which components are needed: not every system needs DCOM95, for example. So Costing evaluates all conditions, and determines at that moment which components will be installed when a feature is selected, and which components will never be installed.