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Patching & Custom Actions

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Posted 01 October 2003 - 19:11

Hi there!
I have created a patch between two versions of my product.
I cant get a custom action to execute.
It has a condition of PATCH, Immediate Execution, Check Return Code and is scheduled in the UISequence after CostFinalize.

The idea is that it should run right at the begging of the patch...
It´s running an Installscript code that i know its working fine.
It does not appear in the log file at all.

The funny is i have created this CA in other almost exactly patch, and it runs perfectly. I have no idea why its not running with this product, but it seems to be an issue when applying the transformation and running the patch.
Because the .msp looks fime.
I also know the CustomAction appears in the .msp file, because i check it out with a viewer.

I also have another custom action, as Deferred Execution with same Condition that is working fine. So just the first one is not being run.

Ive attached the log file just in case. Beware i cancel the patch, just wanna to see the first custom action that is called CheckVersion to run.. but it does not appear.

Any ideas will be helpfull.


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Posted 02 October 2003 - 04:27

Does the patch perform a minor or a major upgrade of the existing installation?
-Stein Åsmul


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Posted 03 October 2003 - 14:59

It's a minor upgrade.