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errors using MSDE 2K Merge Modules

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Posted 26 April 2001 - 19:35

I've downloaded Microsoft SQL 2000 Developers Edition today.  I navigated down into their MSM folder, and included all of the MSM files in my Installshield Module folder.  Now, it's my understanding, that a lot of the .msm files, are buggy.  

So, I contacted Microsoft, and they allowd me to FTP down 9 "fixed" .msm files.  I overwrote my old .msm files with the 9 new ones, and kicked in the Installshield build process.

I'm getting two errors during the build:

** Error -4075: Merge module SQLSVR1033.88C26F26_166C_4CD7_8175_38297C2276D7:1033 not found.
** Error -4075: Merge module SQLAGENT1033.BF65A835_E76E_4CA5_8B97_E8FD33E7C475:1033 not found.

Anyone have any ideas what those 2 errors are all about?

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 April 2001 - 08:42

Looks like the language bug. See the Bugs Bulletin here on InstallSite.