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Nested MSI with support files

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Posted 09 March 2004 - 17:22

i am trying to kick off a 3rd party MSI inside of my MSI package (Dev 9). this works ok, unless 3rd party MSI has its own files extracted and sitting in the same directory as the 3rd party MSI.

One option that worked half way was to use located on the source media option for the msi custom action, but then, i didn't get a single executable for the resulting installation, but rather all the 3rd party support files were sitting right next to my installation package. I would very much like to avoid using yet another layer like Package for the web or something to create a single executable unless i absolutely have to.

Did anyone have any luck dealing with this situation?

Thanks in advance.
Val Tarakanov.


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Posted 20 April 2004 - 08:25

I would really avoid using Nested msi's if possible smile.gif

Maybe kick of the msi before/after you original msi?


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Posted 20 April 2004 - 15:26

We are evaluating wether to stick with Basic MSI project in Developer 7 / 9. And this is one of the issues we can't figure out.
To kick of another MSI before ours in Basic MSI project i guess i would end up with two projects, and would have to write my own bootstrap or whatever it is called to compress everything in one .exe.
We would very much like to avoid this.
BTW, it is only when the project compiled into setup.exe that the problem exists, otherwise everything works fine by putting nested MSI's files into DISK1 folder (which is where the main setup is created anyway). But then again, i need to use something like package for the web or sms installer to package all that stuff into setup.exe, and that is an extra step that would need to be automated.

Val Tarakanov

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 20 April 2004 - 18:26

Yes you would need an external launcher exe to run the two MSIs one ater the other. You really should avoid nested install custom actions!

The other option is not to use MSI for your setup, but create a (pure) InstallScript project (not "InstallScript MSI"!).