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Administrative Install

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Posted 26 September 2002 - 18:53

Please somebody explain me how I can Install admin image on network and then as a regular network user How I can install application on my local machine from that remote network image with some transforms?

Thanks in advance..


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Posted 08 October 2002 - 17:53

prior to installation we make sure the System and User policies are set to AllwaysInstallElevated.  at the time of install we use a ALLUSERS=1 property on the command line.

Admin Installs:
typically the .EXE used to launch the application ( ie. Setup.EXE ) is called with a "/a" switch to tell it to perform an admin. install.  

NOTE: if you plan to copy this uncompressed set of files to cd and install from there you will most likely have to set the "DISABLEMEDIA" property to "" ( i believe that this can also be set using the DisableMedia local user policy but i haven't personaly done this...)

good luck...