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Confusion with types of properties

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Dave I

Dave I
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Posted 26 February 2001 - 13:11

Can somebody just confirm something for me.

If I  place conditions on components do the properties have to be "Public" to work across sequences??

I set the property in a radiobutton in the UI.

I remember seeing this on a newsgroup somewhere, the problem is that one of my properties is a flag for my products Security, I want to place a component condition but also want to make sure that it cant be accessed from the cmd line.

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 26 February 2001 - 13:25

If you want to set the property in UI sequence and access its value in Execute sequence, it must be a public property.
If set setup is run in silent mode, the UI sequence is ignored, so your property wuld not be set.
Component conditions are evaluated during the CostFinialize action, so you must set the property before CostFinialize.