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Installing an upgrade as a different user

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Posted 24 October 2003 - 15:27

I have a product that I want to apply a minor upgrade to, but I need to do it under a different user account than the original install was run under. When I try to run it, everything looks right but the InstallFiles action never copies the files over. The interesting thing to note is that the log for the InstallValidate event thinks that the original product is Advertised:

MSI (s) (94:C0): Feature: DefaultFeature; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstall

And each component is told not to copy:

MSI (s) (94:C0): Component: C__1557246EE3063C414676508415F38977; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null
MSI (s) (94:C0): Component: C__15C5DD78A873379C83D012260D13B02C; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null

Does anyone know how to get this upgrade to work under this different user account? Both user accounts are Admin accounts.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 October 2003 - 17:55

Was the product installed for all users (per-machine install, ALLUSERS=1)? Otherwise your can't update.
The error message semms to indicate that you violated some upgrade rules. If you are using InstallShield Developer run an update validation.