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Winsock2 & DUN14

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Posted 21 November 2001 - 22:05

I have a product install which needs Winsock2 if it is not installed and would like to upgrade DUN to 1.4 if it has not already been done.  I believe both upgrades will require a reboot and the DUN must follow the Winsock2.  

What general approach is recommended here?


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 22 November 2001 - 11:15

When I installed Winsock2 with one of my products I used microsoft's package ws2setup.exe it did not require a reboot.   I do not attempt to install it if it is already there.

I do not know about DUN.

Most of Microsofts little add in setup programs have command line switches to suppress reboots and messages.  So you can request a reboot at the end of the installation if you installed one of these packages.