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Where to start?

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Posted 12 November 2002 - 17:40


I'm new to InstallShield 8 Developper and all I did with InstallShield so far is building VB projects with the wizards, nothing else.

Now I have to build a setup that will:

- Install the tomcat web server
- Install a website on it
- Install an Access database
- Install MDAC
- Insert values into the database

What do you suggest I do to startup, Tomcat is a single exe (InstallShield) that installs itself automatically.. in a perfect world, I would have to check if there is already a web server on that machine (checking port 80)..

Any help appreciated, I have 3 weeks to do that !


Ben Woodcock

Ben Woodcock
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Posted 18 December 2002 - 06:49

Best bet on where to start is the steps on the left of the installshield window. Just go through eveyone of those screens and enter all the information. See what it does then come back with a more specific problem. It would be fairly hard to explain all the fun of installshield in one post.