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Patch Beginner

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Posted 29 October 2002 - 15:21


 For the first time, i try to make a patch between two msi files. I use ISD7.04, but i have got many problem :

 * I Can't create an msp file, the checkbox "Create patch launcher (update.exe)" is always checked (and disable), and i don't want an update.exe but i want an msp file (need a small size).

  * My first msi have the version 2.00.0000 and the second the version 2.01.0000 (same products and upgrade code), but my patch doesn't work if i set the property "Version relationship" is greater ("New version > previous version"). I've always the MSI error 2751 when i execute the patch with the MSI 2.00.0000 install.

  * If my patch procedure abort, the rollback delete all my empty folder (folder declared in the CreateFolder table)

  * The setup always ask me for the source CD (i don't think to be in the list of bug declared by microsoft, ResolveSource, Cached MSI ...). The path that the setup show is always set to "1".  

Does anyone has explication ??



Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 04 November 2002 - 18:10

1) If your setup was built with the "Standard" project type the update.exe is required
2) Use "New version = previous version" (the description is wrong)


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Posted 05 November 2002 - 14:02

Thanks for your help Stephan.

1) My project is a basic MSI Project.
To solve my problem, I have include the isscript.msi in my setup.exe. Thanks to this, i can select or deselect the checkbox "Create patch launcher (update.exe)" during patch creation. :)

2) For the second problem, i use "New version >= previous version". It seems to corret the error but now, the patch can update V02.01 to V02.01.  ???

3) I always have the problem af Rollback during cancel of Message box which ask me for Source media. All Empty folders are deleted.

4) My patch asks me for original media source.
  -> I haven't got new features
  -> My ResolveSource action have conditions ("not Installed and not PATCH")
  -> components GUID are identicals
  -> MsiFileHash Table  is populate
  -> Feature are not run-from-source
  -> cached package is present
  -> REINSTALLMODE is omus

MoreEver, during patch, all files are Reinstall whereas just few files have been modified...

Thanks for your ideas.