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multiple msi

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Posted 25 October 2007 - 12:54

I must reedistruibuite a project with a motitude of subproject,that are standalone programs that run indipendently.
I think to divide this installation with a msi for each subproject,and a base setup.exe that launch the msi subproject with an interface.
I think to launch those msi with a parameter that is the targetdir , but i not able to comunicate at all the msi the targetdir base.


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Posted 25 October 2007 - 15:34

Are you using INSTALLDIR?

MSIExec /i [whatever.msi] INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Whatever" [other swicthes]
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Posted 26 October 2007 - 18:07

This might be off the original subject, but are you trying to launch multiple MSIs from within another MSI? I don't think that's supposed to work. If you're wanting to launch the MSIs from an InstallScript (or other non-MSI technology) you would use the command line specified by VBScab for each one.

TargetDir is usually used in Installscript projects and INSTALLDIR is used in MSI projects. I think they roughly translate into the same thing, although I believe there are some gotchas when using an Installscript MSI project.

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