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Merge Modules and dialogs

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Posted 17 August 2001 - 00:24

What I want to do is create merge modules with dialogs and then within the project that uses these merge modules, link the dialogs to form a sequence. But how do I do this? Creating a dialog in a merge module is fine. Loading the merge modules dialog is also okay (I think) but there is no way to edit the behaviour of this dialog, outside the merge module, to link to another dialog (or whatever I want to do with the dialog).  

Anyone done this? Any suggestions?


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Posted 06 December 2001 - 10:57

Sure: in the module dialogs, make sure that the "Next" and "Back" buttons have a single event: NewDialog, with the value [mydialog_next] and [my_dialog_back] properties. The property names are just a suggestion of course.
Then, in the setup that uses the merge module, put those properties into the Property Manager, with the names of the dialogs that you want before/after your merge module dialogs.

The only disadvantage, is that you have to pre-determine the conditions of the buttons. So you can't for example, make the "back" button react differently if you're in Custom/Typical setup. This can be solved if you think about it in advance, and create more than one property for each button (e.g. mydialog_back_1, mydialog_back_2 and so on).

I hope this helps...