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Could not find a part of the path 'x.installstate'

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Posted 14 May 2007 - 11:41

I have an installer built with Visual Studio 2005 which has a .NET installer class which installs performance counters (PerformanceCounterInstaller) + we have a patch which updates NoImpersonate flags. This class is set as a custom action (install, uninstall, commit, rollback).
Yesterday we've renamed default installation folder and now upgrade fails with "Could not find a part of the path 'x.installstate'", and x.installstate is pointed to the default old location.
It works fine if I either completely uninstall old version or if I install new one into the folder where previous one is installed.
I understand what this is due to how installer saves state of .NET installer class, but why does it go away while it's still needed?

This is how CA table looks like in Orca:

_29410F79_F1FD_4D69_9602_77DE648267F3.rollback 3329 InstallUtil ManagedInstall
_29410F79_F1FD_4D69_9602_77DE648267F3.rollback.SetProperty 51 _29410F79_F1FD_4D69_9602_77DE648267F3.rollback /installtype=notransaction /action=rollback /LogFile= "[#_F3FE2753A01DE122194BB87357CDF24A]" "[VSDFxConfigFile]"
_762ED262_C0ED_49F6_B435_11A21081AA6D.install 3073 InstallUtil ManagedInstall
_762ED262_C0ED_49F6_B435_11A21081AA6D.install.SetProperty 51 _762ED262_C0ED_49F6_B435_11A21081AA6D.install /installtype=notransaction /action=install /LogFile= "[#_F3FE2753A01DE122194BB87357CDF24A]" "[VSDFxConfigFile]"
_99BDF1DC_186D_43F4_8B3E_B425B7826F42.commit 3585 InstallUtil ManagedInstall
_99BDF1DC_186D_43F4_8B3E_B425B7826F42.commit.SetProperty 51 _99BDF1DC_186D_43F4_8B3E_B425B7826F42.commit /installtype=notransaction /action=commit /LogFile= "[#_F3FE2753A01DE122194BB87357CDF24A]" "[VSDFxConfigFile]"
_D4D11083_C469_4A18_9D44_4FDF6865D66A.uninstall 3073 InstallUtil ManagedInstall
_D4D11083_C469_4A18_9D44_4FDF6865D66A.uninstall.SetProperty 51 _D4D11083_C469_4A18_9D44_4FDF6865D66A.uninstall /installtype=notransaction /action=uninstall /LogFile= "[#_F3FE2753A01DE122194BB87357CDF24A]" "[VSDFxConfigFile]"


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Posted 11 December 2007 - 21:00

Hi I bump into the same problem also do you happen to find a solution for this problem?


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Posted 14 May 2008 - 08:43

I'm dealing with exactly the same problem, atm.
When i log the managedinstall call to the "new installed" assemblies, there is a parameter (assemblypath), pointing to the old installation directory (which is already deinstalled at this point).

Nicht transaktive Installationsphase wird ausgeführt.
Assembly C:\Programme\<old dir>\<program>\<assemblyname>.dll wird installiert.
Betroffene Parameter:
targetpath = C:\Programme\<new dir>\<program>\
assemblypath = C:\Programme\<old dir>\<program>\<assemblyname>dll
action = install
installtype = notransaction
logfile = C:\instlog.log

Does anyone know where MSI gets this assemblypath parameter ? ... might be a Problem, with cashed files, the CA uses ? ...

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