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SetTargetPath results in Error!

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Posted 12 April 2002 - 01:29

I am writing an installation where the target directory must be a specific name directly off of a local drive root. So instead of the normal DestinationFolder Dialog, I have substituted my own dialog with a listbox containing suitable paths based on whatever drives are available on the system. I have been unable to set the target path, and the installation always goes to the C drive, which is the default INSTALLDIR at build time.  I am able to update an edit control based on the user's selection, but cannot call SetTargetPath based on that control's contents. I get a fatal error every time! I realize that SetTargetPath (Event) is really expecting a PathEdit Control (Argument)which works alongside DirectoryLists, etc...  I have even scripted a CA that calls MsiSetTargetPath to change the TARGETDIR which doesn't error, but doesn't change the target drive from C:  Has anyone successfully set a target path that wasn't selected through normal "channels"?

This is driving me insane!!!

Thank you for listening...


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Posted 15 April 2002 - 19:51

I got it fixed...Duh!!!
In case anyone can use this...

Create a SP:

Type: 35                        (DirectoryTable)
Target: [TARGETPATH]    (The user selected destination)

I put a DoAction that calls the SP in the event handler for the Next button before the call to NewDialog.

It works great. Turns out I worked myself into a frenzy searching for something that was right in front of my face.