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Help with Ordering MSDE 2000 SP1 Refresh CD

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Posted 05 August 2001 - 03:54

OK, so you can now get to refresh CD from microsoft as promised and it natively installs Sp1 automatically etc.

To do so you need to first find a bunch of knowledge base articles to refer to that include a Bug # at the top of the KB article and complain that you're having this problem.  Preferably make sure that it references a fix being included in SP1 of SQL Server 2000.

Then if you're in North America call this number (the rest of the world, this is the PAY site in your area)  1-800-936-4900.

When they ask for your credit card, tell them that you're calling to request a refresh CD that fixes a bug. Tell them its MSDE 2000 (SQL Server 2000 Dev. Edition or whatever you have) and that the following (add your KB articles here) tell you call here and ask for the CD. At this point, they should do up a service tag, and there should be no cost for them to pass you on to the next level of people at the SQL Server tech support Desk.  Tell them what you need, reference the KB articles again, and ask for the CD. They should be able to ship it to you.  There may or may not be a shipping charge involved.

Hope that helps!
James Hancock


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Posted 15 August 2001 - 17:24

FYI the KB I used (which got through to them) was Q275309