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Posted 27 June 2003 - 12:14

Hi everybody.
I'm trying to use IS6 RECORDMODE and I would like to avoid setup to copy all installation files. If I run "setup.exe -r" it performs a normal installation and creates the ".iss" file, then copying the .iss file to another machine and running "setup.exe -s" everything goes well.
If I modify the script to abort Installation before setup calls the OnMoving event the silent mode doesn't work (installation is incomplete), so HOW DO I AVOID FILE TRANFER AND REGISTRY KEYS CREATION?? I just want create the .iss file to perform many silent installation...

Thanks to all.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 27 June 2003 - 14:55

Yeah, you definitely don't want to call abort because that tells IS to cleanup whatever it did. Exit would have been a better choice, but you still wouldn't pick the items in OnFirstUIAfter (i.e. View Readme choice, reboot prompt, etc.) in lieu of where you placed it.

Now I have a special command-line switch I use to avoid file transfer. When it enabled it skips the following lines of code:

nResult = ComponentReinstall();
nResult = ComponentTransferData(MEDIA);

I also have a similar switch to avoid importing my registry keys. When enabled it skips the following lines of code:

if ( CreateRegistrySet("") < 0 ) then
 Msg("ERROR: Unable to create registry set!", SEVERE);

I'm not really sure why you want to avoid this stuff during a silent installation though because one of things you'll miss out on then is how to handle a special prompt that may come up during the file transfer process, but hope it helps.

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