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Problem with advertising a shortcut

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Posted 02 August 2001 - 13:53

I'm experiencing a problem with an advertisied shortcut.
My msi package consist of a main-feature ( MS merge modules ) and a subfeature with 3 ocx's and an exe. Several advertising information like ClassID's, Extensions etc. belong to the exe. All information is available from the ProgID, ClassID and Extention tables. The exe, with all of ist advertising information is in a single component, including the shortcut. The shortcut to this exe should be advertisied.
When I start this exe from StartMenu a maintenance install starts, however as soon as it will finish an error stating "Shortcut Error, Fatal error in installation" occurs.
However, no installation error is logged.
The exe itsself can be started directly from windows explorer.
I would appreciate any hints on solving this problem ...


Michael Kramer