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Newbie on Merge Modules

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Posted 22 March 2001 - 14:49

Hi all,
I started looking into the Merge Module to help install MSDE 2000 on client machines. I have been reading up on MMs but everything seems to assume you know what they are!

Could someone tell me what they do, consist of, etc? PLEASE

I started playing with Windows Installer and added a MM for MSDE 2000. But there are many modules.
How do I know which one to use or do I use them all?
If I use them all do I just keep adding MMs to the setup?
Are these modules actually setup files that get called automatically once you add them to the install?

You people have been great in helping me out and I want to thank you in advance!


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Posted 23 March 2001 - 20:42

Ok, still dont know quite what they are but stumbing around Installsite got me somewhere...

For reference to those who care:
MSDE 2000 Info:
SQL 2000 CD:\standard\books\distsql.chm for some excellent info.