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Can a Major upgrade act like a Minor?

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Posted 16 December 2003 - 17:53

Is it possible to run a Major upgrade and not have to re-ect install paths and components. There are enough changes to my product to warrant a major upgrade, however, it would be great if the user could just click one button, to say yes upgrade me. (The way a minor upgrade behaves).
Is there a way to do this? Or am I stuck using Minor upgrades for this option?
Anyhelp or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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Posted 16 December 2003 - 18:00

You may be able to use the properties IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE or UPGRADINGPROODUCTCODE to conditionally hide dialogs if a major upgrade is detected. These properties should only be set if a major upgrade is performed. Hence the condition to test if it is a major upgrade would be simply:

-Stein Åsmul