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SetupComplete Behavior

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Posted 05 July 2005 - 18:32

Can anyone (i'm thinking stefan) explain how the SetupCompleteError and SetupCompleteSuccess dialogs get triggered, and work?

You enter the installation sequence, and get to InstallWelcome, and when that is done, you do the ExecuteAction, and enter the actual Execute sequence. The last action in my execute sequence is InstallFinalize. So how does it get from that, to SetupCompleteSuccess, which is number -1 in my User Interface sequence?

Next, once you are in SetupCompleteSuccess or SetupCompleteError, what properties do you have access to? Would the value of a public property set in the execute sequence be the same value once you are in the SetupComplete dialog?

I ask that question because I have been trying to display release notes conditionally, and I am having problems. I only want a "show release notes" checkbox visible on fresh installs, and upgrades. I've tried (NOT INSTALLED) or UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE (which to me would indicate fresh installs or upgrades) but this, and many other combinations do not work.

With respect to the INSTALLED property. When you begin the installation, the product is not installed, however by the time you get to the SetupCompleteSucess dialog, it is. So does the value of INSTALLED change over the course of the installation?

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 06 July 2005 - 14:09

These dialogs use predefined special sequence numbers <0. When control is passed back to the UI sequence (after ExecuteAction) the windows installer engine displays the appropriate dialog based on the return code from the execute sequence (success, failure, cancelled).

AFAIK you cannot pass properties from the execute sequence back to the UI sequence.

I believe the value of the Installed (note the case, this is not "INSTALLED" but "Installed") does not change during the instalaltion. So it should be false even on your SetupCompleteSuccess dialog.

UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE is only set during a Major Upgrade, and I think it's only visible to the old version that is being removed.

Try this:
Not Installed Or (Not Preselected And Not PATCH)
Installing a minor update as full msi would require setting REINSTALL on the command line which would in turn cause the Preselected property to be set.
Installing a minor update as patch would set the PATCH property.