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Shipping msvcrtd.dll to multiple platforms

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Posted 05 October 2004 - 17:37

I'm using InstallSheild Professional 6.21, developing on XP.

My project embeds Java (not a nested installation, just the files), so I currently ship msvcrt.dll from the jre\bin directory using the "Shared Dlls" file group, marked as OS Independant.

My project also has C++ components, and I would like to change my build to use the debug C runtime dlls for company-internal installations. Since many machines do not have the debug C runtime library dlls (msvcrtd.dll, and msvcirtd.dll), I need to ship those files.

Looking at the version of those dlls on my machine, I see that they are specific for XP, but I would like to have an install that will work for 98/me, NT, 2000, and XP.

My questions:
- I see in the forums that there are bundles for dlls now - I guess IS 6.21 does not support them?
- Can I unbundle these files for IS6.21 or where can I get the dlls?
- It seems that the msvcrt.dll shipped with java is not platform specific. How is that possible and can I get similar non-platform specif dlls to ship with my product?
- Are there other issues I need to worry about other than platform, such as version?

Thanks for any help,

David Nedde

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 05 October 2004 - 17:50

The debug versions may have additional dependencies. Also I'm not sure if you are allowed to distribute them, even internally. I would avoid it.