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UnInstalling Files when it is "In Use"

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Posted 06 December 2002 - 03:54

[repost from the community.installshield.com]

Hi Everyone,

We are evaluating Developer 8 for the migration of our scripts from 5.5 professional.

Developer 8.0 automatically converted all the scripts and compile everything without any problem .

We have only one problem, which is holding us back to proceed further in buying the Dev 8.0.

Our setup will silently install if we don’t have the product installed previously. If we find the product installed previously, we will uninstall the product and reboot the system and then proceed installing the product again.

We have miniSQL (part of the installer files) running as the console program and couple of other console programs (ProgramA and ProgramB) (part of the installer files) running during the uninstallation, so we reboot the system after the uninstall and continue with the installation.

Everything works fine with the Old Professional 5.5 setup. When we converted the old script to the new version , silent installation went very well.

But, while Uninstalling the program, setup (created with Developer 8) displays a dialog, asking the user to close the running applications (miniSQL console window) before proceeding to uninstall.

The main reason for us to use the slient installation and uninstallation is , we to install/unInstall our product in a secondary computer which dont have a monitor and the user dont see the desktop of this computer.

miniSQL is a part of the files distribution.

Can any one please tell me how to uninstall the files when they are running and make the installer delete the files later (after reboot)?


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 08 December 2002 - 14:54

If you're launching the setup in silent mode (/q) you should not see this dialog.