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Question about Modifying existing Installation.

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Posted 28 March 2007 - 17:21


I've a FileGroup in my installer, that has a property "AlwaysOverWrite". The component that it is associated to is already installed on the system. I'm modifying my existing installation but its not overwriting previously installed files of that filegroup. But if I choose the repair option, then all the filegroup files are copied, even those which dont have "AlwaysOverwrite" property. Any idea how can I make a specific file group be always overwritten when I modify the installation.

Second question: On selecting a repair option (ComponentReinstall) , Is it possible that I could choose, which components to overwrite and which not to. e.g. If I've modified files of one component and I need only that component to be copied to the machine what should I do. Currently all the components are reinstall, even those that have not been modified.



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Posted 27 April 2007 - 14:44

I'm not sure about your first question. I have a case where the original had newerversion/newerdate for a file group and in my maintenance pack I changed it to always overwrite and it's working fine.

Regarding your second quesstion, have you tried using ComponentSetData for the various components to set the COMPONENT_FIELD_SELECTED to TRUE or FALSE?

Are you using the The Creating Updates/ Maintenance Packs Sample setup from the IS knowledge base? In my Update install (which has the same project GUID as the original full install), OnMaintUIBefore presents a Component Dialog that allow the user to select which components to update. Or, you could skip that dialog entirely and just select the components that you want to update using ComponentSetData.