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Running Installshield MSI without SETUP.EXE

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Posted 14 April 2003 - 14:11

We are currently trying to deploy an application called 'Ulead PhotoImpact' which is an Installshield MSI. In our organisation we standardize on .MSI based installations only. Therefore we would like to use the MSI file that comes with this installation and create a Transform file for it.

However, this MSI seems to have more than a few InstallShield specific CustomActions which deem the application impossible to install without using the SETUP.EXE that comes with it.

I have heard something about a property called SETUPDRIVEN=1 that should make it possible for this MSI to run without the SETUP.EXE, however this does not seem to work.

Has someone come accross this kind of MSI before, and is there any way of running it without using the SETUP.EXE ?

Kind regards,

Andre Nieuwland


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Posted 14 April 2003 - 18:44

Check the setup.ini for any other msi called with the photoimpact.msi. I suppose isscript.msi also would be called. If so, check for any custom action checking for VerifyISScriptEngine and set its condition to 0. But remember you will have to manually install isscript.msi prior to photoimpact.msi.

If this doesnt solve, pls provide more info on you setup.ini
Rajiv Madassery
Galway Scripting Center
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Posted 17 April 2003 - 08:18

Okay, here is a more detailed explanation of our problem:

We are trying to run a vendor .MSI of an application called 'Ulead PhotoImpact 8' and want to deploy it without using the SETUP.EXE, but use an .MST to transform the .MSI in stead.

When we install it we get the following error:

"Unhandled Exception"
Error number: 0x80040702
Description: Failed to load dll: IS32Util
Setup will now terminate.

The sequence of installation is as follows:

- clean Windows 2000 machine (installer version 2.00.2600.2 and SP3)
- install ISSCRIPT.MSI (version
- reboot
- install "UleadPhotoImpact8.msi" using a Transform that sets a property "ISSETUPDRIVEN=1" and drops the CustomAction "OnCheckStilentInstall" from the InstallExecuteSequence table.

-> RESULTS in the above error

Below is the last section of the installation log generated by Windows Installer:

MSI (s) (10:08): Running ExecuteSequence
MSI (s) (10:08): Transforming table InstallExecuteSequence.

MSI (s) (10:08): Doing action: ISMsiServerStartup
Action start 4:14:25: ISMsiServerStartup.
MSI (s) (10:08): Transforming table CustomAction.

MSI (s) (10:08): Creating MSIHANDLE (26) of type 790542 for thread 1032
Action ended 4:14:25: ISMsiServerStartup. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (10:08): Doing action: ISStartup
Action start 4:14:25: ISStartup.
MSI (s) (10:08): Transforming table CustomAction.

MSI (s) (10:08): Creating MSIHANDLE (27) of type 790542 for thread 1032
1: The InstallScript engine version currently installed on this machine is adequate.
1: Event 'E1426531' is created
1: GetInstallDriver, Can not find InstallDriver in ROT table, Return Code = 0x800401e3
1: {F101C58C-15CC-42B3-83D1-536CFB960634}
1: Extract supporting files
---> this is where the logfile ends when the error is displayed

We are still at a loss to understand why this is happening and as to how we can make this intallation run without using the SETUP.EXE. Is there anything else we need to add or ommit from the original .MST? All your help and ideas are highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 09:54

Looks like this setup was created using the "InstallScript MSI" project type. This means that part of the setup logic is written in a (compiled) script. Normally you should run such setups through setup.exe, not by executing the .msi fiel directly.

There are some tricks that work for many such setups which bypass the setup.exe and enable you to run the .msi directly. Apparently this doesn't work in your case. The danger of this method is that you are bypassing the InstallScript, without knowing what the setup developer may have coded there. So you can get any sort of trouble.

The best solution would be to contact the author. They would be able to tell you what they are doing in their script and whether it can be safely omitted, or what you have to add to the .msi if you omit the script.
Depending on your power you may even be able to convince them to create a pure MSI based setup (project type "Basic MSI") which would avoid these problems.

If nothing else helps your best bet may be to run the setup.exe, just like a legacy setup.