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Components wrongly installed as "advertised"

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Posted 14 November 2005 - 11:58

InstallShield Windows Installer Edition 2.0
Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE


I'm using InstallShield WIE 2.0 to create a setup. As this is an old version, and does not support installing .NET components, I'm using the Visual Studio .NET IDE to create Merge Modules for the .NET components to be installed.

Now, when I upgrade an installation on a client computer, any of those components from the merge modules are installed as "advertised", that is, actually they get installed when the user runs the main application (that has been installed) for the first time.

BTW, the Feature that installs the aforementioned Merge Modules, is marked "disallow advertising".

My question is, how can I instruct the components in the Merge Modules to be installed "non-advertised".

Thank you

[Edit: This also happens when the converted project is compiled by the current InstallShield 11 IDE.]

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 14 November 2005 - 15:30

I guess you are violating component rules for minor updates (e.g. changed component GUIDs, removed components and the like). In a verbose log you should see SELMGR error messages.
Using a Major Upgrade instead of a Minor should fix the problem.


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Posted 14 November 2005 - 17:12

Thanks. Actually, this is a Major Upgrade (the Product Code changed).

In the meantime I figured out which changes actually occured in the "advertised post-installation":

Neither all components of the concerning Feature (which contains exactly one Merge Module) nor any Components of that Merge Module get installed, but most of the Merge Module's Components that are installed into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) only.

In contrast, all Components that were installed into the "normal file system" by that Merge Module, were installed by the main setup.

In another contrast, there is a second Merge Module being bound to another feature, which installs "normal files" and "GAC files", too. This Merge Module installs everything "un-advertised", as it is supposed to do.

[Edit: BTW, for the Components which get "post-installed" into the GAC, there *are* "ComponentRegister" and "AssemblyPublish" entries in the setup log file...]


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