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Error 1612

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Posted 18 July 2002 - 15:09

Has anybody solved an error 1612 problem


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Posted 24 July 2002 - 14:37

this problem is stated as being "ERROR_INSTALL_SOURCE_ABSENT".  

was the product installed from a network location that is no longer available or from a location that has been removed, or is the original msi no longer available ( as if it was run from cd )?

this usually occurs when a product is installed, say from C:\Temp, and then the original MSI is removed by a cleanup process.  following this another product or app breaks one of the keypath components from the original product and forces a re-install of the msi product.  in trying to re-install the broken component it needs to access the original source msi to copy the component.

if this is caused by a deleted original msi simply replace the msi and let the service fix the broken product.  other options inclu using a third party utility to 're-point' the msi registry database to the new source location; determine what component was broken by what product and resolve the conflict, or cleanup any erroneous entries in the original msi that might be causing this ( like stuff incorrectly entered for multiple users that forces an msi re-install )...