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Compling merge module in Team City commandline

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Posted 27 January 2009 - 04:38

I'm working on the Build Automation for our application which we're using TeamCity to compile the wise installer project using the CommandLine as the Build Runner.

My problem is when calling the "Build_merge.bat" where one of my merge module will be compiled, it failed to execute without any error, it just hanged. Here is my code:

"D:\Program Files\Wise for Windows Installer\WfWI.exe" "C:\SMS\InstallerFiles\Wise\6.0\MergeModules\MSMS_AllProducts.wsm" /c /l "C:\SMS\InstallerFiles\Wise\6.0\MergeModules\Compile.log"

Running this .bat file works but when run in Team City CommandLine it wont work. Is there some environment variables that needs to be set to be able to compile the merge module project using WfWI.exe? Or it's just that it's not compatible with TeamCity? Is it possible to invoke the compiler of wise C# code instead or C++ or VBScripts?

In addition, running wise32.exe in WiseInstallMaster works and compile the script successfully using the Team City CommandLine.

Please help me. I appreciate it so much. Thank you! smile.gif


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Posted 27 January 2009 - 10:23

You might be able to tie down what's happening more precisely by using a process/file/registry monitor like ProcMon while the batch file runs, but I'd venture that, since there doesn't seem to be a problem with compiling the MM from a bare command line, this is a problem for the TeamCity vendor.
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