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File is protected by windows

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Devang Parmar

Devang Parmar
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Posted 22 August 2001 - 09:35


I am using Windows Installer 1.52 and when I install my application on Windows 2000 I am getting

"Files are protected by Windows" And it says these files cannot be updated.

Error comes for two files - Triedit.dll and DHTMLed.dll

What does this mean ? This error doesnt appear when I install my application on Windows NT.

Devang Parmar.


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Posted 22 August 2001 - 13:27

There are a few files under Win2000 that are under Systemprotection and that can not be updated outside a Win2000 ServicePack (the MSI files for example).
Another reason for this message is, that you do not check the versions of the files and  try to downgrade them.