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How to create Components for a Web Application?

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Posted 02 March 2004 - 22:01

I have a rather urgent question for you guys and girls.

Our company has several different products, some being standerd applications, which are straight forward enough to figure out. However, we happen to have several web applications as well and I am having trouble figuring out how to create components for them.

Essentially, our web application is made up of several directories containing asp, htm, xml, inc etc. files (100's of them). Any of these files can be changed in a future patch, so should have the abiliity to be updated some how. Now I have used scripting to create a component for each of these files, however, I have come across a problem. My install takes a LONG time to run from beginning to end, and doesn't even include the dotNet setup yet. blink.gif
Having a component for each of these files seems to create a large amount of overhead for transferring and processing each file. Is there a better way of doing this that I'm just not seeing?

I'm sure some of you are installing web applications, so could really use some insight. I'm even considering going to a script based install (non- Windows Installer) if necessary.

Thanks in advance,



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Posted 12 March 2004 - 16:01

For our webapps install I've created a component for each of the different directories, which includes all of the files that need to be installed to that directory. I know this isn't the proper way to do it, but I found it easier to use InstallShield's dynamic file linking, then to have a component for each file.
We have released a patch for the product which included updates to the webapps, and everything worked fine.

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